• Foto Inga Wonnenberg-Eichhorn.

In 1993 Martina Klander opened her workshop located at Esslingen near stuttgart.

Fascinated by custumes, thoroughly trained by R.R. Stegemann Haute. Couture- Workshop for Theatre and Cinema in Munich. Thereafter design, cutting and all stages of product development at the State Fashion School Stuttgart. Graduation: BA as director in cutting and draft design.

Engagement at large and small stages. Producers, artists, performers or brides/bridegrooms rely an her creativity. With her strong network of skilled tailors and manufacturers from the local region, production is valuable, sustainable, socially just and flexible. Key is transparent calculation and a high degree of mobility.

Great ideas and long nourished dreams turn into textile shapes. For ladies and men, children, fly-by-nights, soloists, stage teams, choirs, or the entire stage production.